9100 Keystone Crossing, Suite 870
Post Office Box 40960
Indianapolis, IN 46240
P: (317) 236-1040F: (317) 236-1049

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9100 Keystone Crossing, Suite 870
Post Office Box 40960
Indianapolis, IN 46240
P: (317) 236-1040
F: (317) 236-1049


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A few tips to get started using THE EVICTION PORTALTM

  • Scan in the lease and all addenda as one PDF document; save as a separate file before you log in to use the eviction portaltm for eviction turnovers
  • Scan in the ledger and any other documents that apply to your eviction turnover – such as police reports, termination letters, etc.
  • Each submission will relate to a separate leasehold address
  • You will type in the information and answer the questions on the online form
  • Please do not include legal fees or court costs in the Balance Due figures you provide, we will add the appropriate legal fees and court costs at the time of filing the eviction with the appropriate court
  • You will attach the lease and other documents directly into the online form
  • You can save your work as a draft if you are interrupted and come back to it before you submit the eviction
  • Our office will see the submission on our system and begin reviewing your submission
  • Log in again within 24 hours to make sure there are no issues or questions regarding your submission
  • If there are issues or questions from our office you will see that there are submissions that “need attention”; please review those and answer the questions in the notes or contact our office directly so that we can address the issues and continue the process of approval or submission
  • Check your dashboard to track the status of each submission
  • You will track submissions turned over via the eviction portaltm. Currently, the eviction portaltm does not show historical case matters, but only cases turned over via the eviction portaltm
  • We can set up multiple users per property. If you desire additional users to have access to the eviction portaltm, please provide their name and email address to Landman Beatty, Lawyers